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If your teeth or gums are threatened by periodontal disease, it’s time to take action to protect your health.

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Periodontal care for diabetic patients

 Oral health is extremely important for diabetic patients, who are 3-4 times more likely to develop Periodontal infections. These infections may cause complications by making their diabetes difficult to control, causing the infection to be more severe. 

Diabetic patients often experience:

  • Higher incidence of Periodontal Disease
  • More severe bone loss and infection
  • Acute episodes of aggressive Periodontal Disease
  • Tooth loss, leading to inability to eat healthy foods or maintain blood sugar levels

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Are you at risk for periodontal disease?

What is Periodontal Disease?
Periodontal disease is any number of oral diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth, which maintain the teeth in the mouth. Two common varieties of periodontal disease are pyorrhea and gingivitis. These conditions have no signs of pain and most people don't even realize they have it. 

Does Periodontal Disease cause other problems?
Periodontal disease can affect your whole body health. There are proven links between periodontal disease and diabetes and heart disease. As a bacterial infection, periodontal disease puts you at risk for heart disease should the infection spread to your blood. Heart disease can be quite serious, making care for these conditions very important.

What causes it? Is it hereditary or contagious?
Chronic Periodontal disease is not contagious, and most experts feel it is not hereditary, but primarily environmental. Primary causes of periodontal disease include:

  • Plaque
  • Tartar buildup
  • Food impaction 
  • Poor dental hygiene

Who can get Periodontal Disease?
These diseases, while threatening, are also very common; experts estimate that 95% of the population aged 35 or older has a form of periodontal disease. 

Take the steps you need to stay healthy

What should I do if I have been told I have Periodontal Disease?
If you have been diagnosed with or suspect that you are infected with a periodontal disease, adequate care should be your first priority. Your referring dentist will be kept informed of the progress and processes used to treat your specific case. 

What is the treatment and how long will it take?
Treatment for Periodontal disease varies by case. Dr. Jacobson will work with you and your referring dentist to find the treatment and care appropriate for your situation. It could be several days to several months, including at-home lessons. Occlusal therapy (to correct the bite) may be necessary, based on each case. 

How can I keep it from coming back?
Whether you have a severe condition or one in its early stages, promoting dental hygiene is the most important step you can take to keep yourself healthy.

1. Proper oral hygiene performed daily
2. Return visits to your family dentist and Dr. Jacobson's office can ensure immediate            intervention if there is a breakdown. 
3. Re-evaluation of oral hygiene techniques on a periodic basis. 

Proper oral hygiene and preventative care is key to preventing Periodontal Disease and making sure that if you've been treated for it, it doesn't come back. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can ensure that your teeth and body stay healthy for years to come. 

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